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Setting up a VPN on your iPhone or iPad (iOS)

Using a VPN allows you to access content regardless of your location. To set up a private network on your own iOS iPhone, you need to follow some simple guidelines. First of all, you need to choose a VPN, and we offer you ZorroVPN. Next, you need to: Open the official website of the company. […]

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Is your country at high cyber risk?

Most of our personal data is stored on the Internet nowadays, so cybersecurity is of paramount importance. So what countries cannot guarantee that are you safe online? According to the statistics, Algeria is the least Internet-safe country in the world. Algeria also shows poor results in the prevalence of computer malware (19.75%) and user awareness […]

What is phishing exactly?

Phishing is a hacking technique that uses fake messages and sometimes websites to take your information or money. It has appeared from the beginning of the Internet, but it still remains relevant: almost 32% of all user data thefts last year were phishing.Phishing is commonly used to steal finances. The priority is fraudulent bank transfers. […]

How To Use Zorro VPN with Pokémon Go

Are you reading this article because you are tired of the local Pokémon variety on Pokémon Go? And now you decide to ask Zorro VPN for help. We’ll convince you that you did it for good reason. Rest is very important, and mobile game is one of the ways to spend time with pleasure. There […]

The strange but interesting world of cyber espionage

Theft of personal data, theft of financial data, and, as a result, the ruined reputation of companies. Cyber ​​espionage can cause serious problems for any modern business. Corporate espionage has always been a big threat. New threats require innovative solutions. Who benefits from espionage and what can you do right now to protect your business? […]

Is my computer hacked?

Hacks of users’ personal computers have existed for a long time. Maybe, since the very first commercial computer appeared. You will not believe it, but at the initial stages, the aforementioned computer hacks were completely simple and harmless practical jokes. Over time, hackers changed their strategy and their goals changed due to the use of […]