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How to Get a US (American) IP Address Anywhere

How to change your location from anywhere in the world? Fortunately, VPNs are popular and easy-to-use tools for any kind of cybersecurity. Zorro VPN can change your location almost from anywhere in the world. Downloading Zorro VPN is very simple, but now we will explain to you how it works.

How to get an American Address Anywhere in 2020
How to get an American Address Anywhere in 2020

VPN changes the location of your device, but how?

A VPN, or, in other words, a virtual private network, changes your location by sending your traffic through a server to another location of your choice. This is how it happens.

The Zorro VPN app on your device gives you the opportunity to choose a server anywhere in the world. Zorro VPN currently has 500 servers, which include more than 60 countries, including the United States.

When connecting to the selected server, Zorro VPN forms an encrypted tunnel around all the traffic coming from your device. This tunnel leads directly to the server of your choice, which will decrypt your traffic and send it to your final destination. Also, your IP address automatically changes to your chosen country.

Your data will be reliably hidden from external interference and any attempts by hackers to get it from anywhere.

There are many ways to take advantage of changing your device’s IP address

Price comparison when shopping

Some sites offer different prices for visitors from different countries. Using a VPN to hide your location, you can search for the best price.

Access to a variety of content that is blocked in your home country

It can also be used when you travel abroad and want to watch your favorite show or open your favorite social network. Your streaming channel may not allow you to view content from another country, but by changing your location you can watch it easily.

Protect yourself from annoying ads

After changing your location, ads that prevented you from concentrating while browsing the Internet will stop appearing completely.

Have you heard anything about freedom of speech?

Using Zorro VPN you can calmly express your opinion wherever you want and not be afraid that someone will find you. Hiding an IP address is a necessary step for any Internet user who cares about their privacy. This is especially important for journalists working on sensitive topics, or for those who are concerned that their location can be found on the Internet.

And these are just the benefits of changing your location. Zorro VPN has many advantages over other existing VPN apps.

One of them is that Zorro VPN is connected to the world-famous Wi-Fi Map app, which allows you to find all public Wi-Fi points nearby. We recommend using Wi-Fi Map together with the Zorro VPN app so that your personal data is securely protected while using a public network. You can learn about the dangers of this kind of action from one of the articles on our blog. However, few people are not attracted by the opportunity to connect to the free Internet somewhere in a café or on the street?
Hackers often use this human weakness for their own intentions.

Using a VPN is one of the most important ways of being secure and private online. Many VPN services make only a paid version of their apps, shamelessly making money on your security nowadays. The user should have a choice since not everyone can afford the paid version. Zorro VPN has both paid and free versions. Download Zorro VPN and be calm for your personal and financial data.

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