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Ways to keep your browsing history hidden from ISP

Your ISP knows the full details of the network you are viewing. Using a certain level of encryption allows you to hide information from intruders. After the rules of net neutrality were canceled, providers began to sell personal information of their customers to third parties.

Regardless of your location, the sites you visit, the duration of viewing content, the device you use to log in to the system can be tracked. Fraudsters can find out where you are, as well as other sensitive data.

You need to hide your internet surfing to enjoy untraceable web browsing – this will help you stop getting annoying ads. Companies can collect data about your views and suggest products that interest you. To keep your connection secure, you can use VPN Service for iPhone

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Why are your ISPs  tracking you?

You will need to hide your browsing from ISP, as the company can:

1.     Sell your confidential data. The provider can profit from selling your information stored on the network. It goes to advertisers who use contextual ads to promote their products. Only pages that match your interests are selected for demonstration. This is an illegal way of using information, but a number of countries use it quite actively.

2.     Follow the laws of data storage. In a number of countries, providers are required to store customer information – it can be given to law enforcement when needed for investigations.

3.     Monitor peer-to-peer networks. Such an exchange of documents is considered illegal in many countries. Therefore, providers can monitor the transmitted information in order to maintain copyright.

4.     Limit bandwidth. Connection data can be used to limit bandwidth. This will slow down your internet speed. The provider will claim that it is trying to save the network from overloading in such a way. But in fact, this stimulates transitioning to tariff plans with a higher cost.

You ask how to block your internet provider from seeing your history? It is enough to use special programs that spoof your IP address. In such a way, the provider will not be able to track your activity and use your confidential information for personal purposes.

Users who don’t know how to change your IP address can install anonymous vpn — Zorro VPN for browsing the web privately. It will help you get rid of a lot of privacy issues. You will be able to mask your search history. These will also be encrypted:

·       geolocation;

·       money transactions;

·       messages that are not subject to encryption;

·       logins, passwords;

·       downloads and so on.

If you don’t want to get personalized ads, make sure you use a VPN before going online. Can ISP see VPN and use your data? No, your ISP will be able to see the IP address that your device uses to access the network. It will be different from your actual location and cannot be used to intercept information.Can ISP do VPN blocking? No, ZorroVPN cannot be blocked. Use it for unimpeded access to the network regardless of the activity of your provider. All information will be transmitted over encrypted tunnels and will become inaccessible for interception. Here is more detailed info on how VPN work.