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VPN for Torrenting – How to Use VPN Torrent | ZorroVPN

Privacy can seem like a luxury while using the internet. When so many websites collect personal data, knowing how to safely navigate the web while staying anonymous can seem like an impossible task. Using a virtual private network (VPN) can help you create a private network that can successfully protect you from external surveillance. How […]

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Why You Should Use a VPN When Working with Cryptocurrencies

This article addresses a very important topic for the modern world. It’s about cryptocurrencies. Every modern person knows about Bitcoins. Nowadays you can be your own bank and, therefore, you are directly responsible for your security. But few people think about it. We have recorded several reasons for how and why the presence of a […]

Tips To Protect Your Elderly From Online Threats

It is not surprising that there are hacker attacks on electronic devices of Internet users in the modern world. Recently, more and more victims of fraud appear. Spam mailing, theft of money by fraud, theft of personal and financial data is no longer a new phenomenon. Consequently, detailed knowledge of information about such things will […]

Is your country at high cyber risk?

Most of our personal data is stored on the Internet nowadays, so cybersecurity is of paramount importance. So what countries cannot guarantee that are you safe online? According to the statistics, Algeria is the least Internet-safe country in the world. Algeria also shows poor results in the prevalence of computer malware (19.75%) and user awareness […]

What is phishing exactly?

Phishing is a hacking technique that uses fake messages and sometimes websites to take your information or money. It has appeared from the beginning of the Internet, but it still remains relevant: almost 32% of all user data thefts last year were phishing.Phishing is commonly used to steal finances. The priority is fraudulent bank transfers. […]

How To Use Zorro VPN with Pokémon Go

Are you reading this article because you are tired of the local Pokémon variety on Pokémon Go? And now you decide to ask Zorro VPN for help. We’ll convince you that you did it for good reason. Rest is very important, and mobile game is one of the ways to spend time with pleasure. There […]

The strange but interesting world of cyber espionage

Theft of personal data, theft of financial data, and, as a result, the ruined reputation of companies. Cyber ​​espionage can cause serious problems for any modern business. Corporate espionage has always been a big threat. New threats require innovative solutions. Who benefits from espionage and what can you do right now to protect your business? […]

Is my computer hacked?

Hacks of users’ personal computers have existed for a long time. Maybe, since the very first commercial computer appeared. You will not believe it, but at the initial stages, the aforementioned computer hacks were completely simple and harmless practical jokes. Over time, hackers changed their strategy and their goals changed due to the use of […]

Teaching kids about Internet Privacy and Security

A Brief Guide to Teaching Children about Anonymity and Privacy Cases of identity thefts have drawn the attention of the public to the risks of Internet users. Nowadays, information about you that is on the Internet can be used to damage your reputation. Moreover, even to disclose your personal and financial data. These are always […]

How to Stay Private and Secure on LinkedIn

Every modern Internet user surely knows that LinkedIn is the most famous and definitely the best social network for any work. Since this is such a highly professional social networking site as a resume, our priority is to do everything to protect your privacy. Plus, after LinkedIn has been on the news in recent years […]

Is it necessary to educate your children about the safety of the Internet nowadays?

First, you need to talk with your children. This article together with the Zorro VPN team will help you in this question. We will ensure that online bullying can no longer affect you. For example, the theft of your personal data of any kind. For example, harassment and phishing. You will be able to make […]