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How to Hide Private Photos and Videos on Your iPhone

There are definitely some photos on your mobile device that should not be seen by other people. This can be either a wrong angle photo or private pictures. Are you sure you have the iPhone photo privacy you need? You can increase the level of security by using the methods that will allow you to hide photos from unauthorized viewing.

Hide Private Photos and Videos on Your iPhone
Hide Private Photos and Videos on Your iPhone

Why you should control which photos and videos are visible

You may not know how to hide pictures and videos on the iPhone. It seems that the data contained on the phone is not available to outsiders until you allow it. All you need to do is connect to an open Wi-Fi network. When sending a photo to friends or family, the data may be intercepted. Please, read our detailed guide on how to turn off your browser history. Let’s list the cases that may allow fraudsters access your private photos:

  1. Apps installed on your phone have access to the photo gallery. When a program is hacked, all information goes to the hands of the attackers. To prevent this from happening, carefully study the details of any new app and its terms and conditions you accepted upon the first setup.
  2. You send personal photos to your significant other. You can endlessly trust your beloved but unpredictable situations do happen. After your breakup, private photos can be used for personal purposes, like blackmailing or publication on third-party sites. It can be done by both hackers and important people.
  3. You accidentally visited a phishing site and installed software with malicious code. You voluntarily allow attackers to gain access to your personal information. Without your awareness, hackers will use the data for their purposes. One of the options is them demanding a ransom for the photo. In case of failure, all images will end up on the Internet. Here is how to setup VPN on iPhone to protect your content.
  4. You allowed syncing with a cloud service that can be hacked at any time. Even personal information of movie stars is freely available. To avoid a situation like this, it’s enough to encrypt your data placed in the cloud.

You can give your phone to someone without thinking about how to hide iPhone photos from them. In this case, the person will be able to see images and other data, which are not previously published.

How to hide photos on iPhone

If you don’t know how hidden photos on iPhone can be stored safely, the easiest option is to use the “hide” feature. It’s in the phone gallery. This step will not save you from the theft of personal information, but if you show some pictures to your friends, unnecessary photos will not be displayed. Extra photos will be placed into a separate folder, which is inaccessible for viewing from the gallery. To send a photo to a private album, open the image and select the share icon. Now find the “hide” function and enable it. To see invisible photos on iPhone, just go to the corresponding folder.

There is another answer to the question “How to make private photos on iPhone?” The phone has the Notes app. If you move your secret photo there, you will be able to block it in different ways:

* with a password;
* with a fingerprint;
* using the Face ID.

You cannot add several photos at the same time, you must create a separate album and move all images there, which should be hidden from others. After that, you need to put the secret album in your notes and protect it with one of the above methods – it’s one of the options of picture hider for iPhone. Let’s consider the process of adding photos in more detail:

* choose an image or video you want to hide;
* click on the “share” icon, then “notes”;
* specify a title and description for the note, save changes;
* open the application for notes and you can see the added photo;
* click on the “share” button, select the option to block the note;
* enter a password and confirm it.

To not forget the created password, provide a small hint description that will help you remember the info. The photo is now hidden, you can remove it from the gallery. How to unhide photos on iPhone when you need it? Just unlock the note and save the image, which will be moved back to the gallery.

How to hide photos on the iPhone using third party apps? It’s enough to choose a suitable program that can be securely locked with a password. The app can be free or paid, in certain programs you can hide entire folders with much information. So what is the hidden album on iPhone? In the case of an app, it is a certain software that allows you to hide part of the images on your phone. It ensures the safety of personal data, minimizes the chances of theft or accidental leakage. 

Wrapping Up

When you know how to lock hidden albums on iPhone, the security of your photos and personal information will be much higher. Confidential data is reliably protected and inaccessible for hackers. But there are a few more things to keep in mind. Study the information about phishing. This will protect your logins and passwords from theft, and intruders will not get to your personal pages to obtain secret information. Don’t create hidden albums in your online accounts; it’s better to keep personal information on your phone under additional protection.

Study possible types of cyberattacks and personal safety options. The world will not see your iPhone passcode photos when personal data is known only to you. Don’t post secret photos on social media. In instant messengers, send such photos only to those people you trust. Don’t forget to access the Internet securely — use a Zorro VPN when connecting to the web via an unfamiliar network. Hackers won’t be able to intercept your traffic and get important information.

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