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Hide your IP address

How to Change your IP Address

Users who access Internet have their own IP address. Often, its display leads to undesirable consequences. In order to change the IP, it is possible to use a proxy server. It will redirect the outgoing Internet traffic through its servers before they leave for the global network. This allows hiding the real address of the computer. However, the information about the network actions remains unprotected (read more detailed info in the article VPN vs Proxy). Providers and hackers can still see the list of visited websites and downloaded documents.

How to hide IP address more safely? Use a virtual private network. A VPN sends data through tunnels encrypted by strong algorithms. Your real IP address will be encrypted and no one can intercept the data sent over the network.

While surfing the Internet, your traffic may be used by third parties. Therefore, it is important to download VPN for iPhone, so that the information will be securely encrypted. Your IP address will be hidden from the provider, which ensures a high privacy level. Your data will not be shared with other companies that use the information for advertising or other activities.

The easiest way to change the IP address is to choose a VPN software that does not save activity logs and confidential information. You will be able to view any content and do not have to worry about controlling your Internet activity.

hide ip address
hide ip address

Why should I hide my IP address?

You may not know how an IP address looks like. This is the number of a personal device used to identify it on the network. The address includes four numbers separated by dots. They may be in the range from 0 to 255. The numbers are used to identify the domain, network and sub-net, the host. Thanks to this, attackers can learn secret information about you.

You can change your IP address when you change your location. This means that the phone will have a different IP address in any different place of your city. The ISP can change this data on its own, but this does not help to scramble an IP. There are many reasons why it is necessary to protect  current data as soon as possible.

1. Marketers can not set up an advertising campaign that you may be interested in. Many organizations use current data about your activity to offer advertisements for their products. Often, on third-party websites you can see ads for the sale of products that have been viewed recently. These tactics are popular. A user will see regularly that ads about which he dreams of. This increases the probability of making a purchase. Customers can react negatively to such actions, because it reminds an invasion of privacy. If there is no masking of IP address, companies will continue to send annoying advertisements. You may see purchases of someone (a colleague or a family member) who used your computer for shopping. 

2. The security of wireless access to the network will be higher. You can count on a free Wi-Fi connection when you are away from home, but is it safe? To prevent your personal information from being stolen by intruders, it is important to don’t forget to hide your IP address when browsing. The use of reliable program ZorroVPN will be additional protection. During the VPN’s use, all data passes through an encrypted tunnel. Hackers will not be able to recognize your IP address and the information viewed or transmitted over the network. Learn more information about protecting yourself on Public Wi-Fi.

3. You can classify your own activity. If you do not disguise IP address, than the websites you visit most often will track your activity. They will keep logs that contain information about your activities. For example, how long you have been browsing the page and what content do you prefer. Search robots will use this data to offer an advertisement or share it with third parties.

When you decide that it is necessary to stop intrusion of third parties into your personal life, you can find out how to spoof your IP address. Timely IP spoofing has a lot of advantages. In particular, access to content that is not allowed to watch on a certain territory. Many websites restrict users who live in another country. This allows to save private information that is available only to residents of a specific country. How does a company figure out that you are on another territory? By IP address.

Why is Zorro VPN the best choice to hide my IP?

You can find many programs and methods to classify your IP address on the network. ZorroVPN is able to provide the maximum level of protection.

Our specialists are studying new threats that can affect your security level when you log on to the network. They test possible loopholes that let to intercept data and pass them to third parties. Using this software will help to securely classify your data. Hackers will not be able to access the information, and you will receive a full confidentiality.

Users who have installed the software will be able to view any content thanks to the free choice of one of the VPN servers available for connection. There are no more restrictions on the Internet, just connect and enjoy interesting content, watch videos and chat with friends. No one will be able to intercept this information and use it against you.

Wanna Know More?

To learn in detail about Zorro VPN Features, just visit the company website. Here you can find  the principles of how the application works and how to quickly configure it. We do not keep logs history and do not monitor your activity. You can connect under an alternative IP address and access any forbidden resources.