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VPN Free for ios

Advantages of paid VPN over free – is it a reality? Free VPN for iPhone

If you download VPN, then you clearly understand the risks associated with using a free VPN to protect your data. If you ever wondered if you should choose a free or paid VPN, then read on to find out why a paid VPN is the best option.

Why do some VPNs cost money?

A virtual private network can change your IP address. This allows you to view content restricted to your area, or to keep confidential information with you. These services require a large global server network, which works continuously, for normal operation. Performing an operation of this size will always cost a lot of money. A true VPN service needs financial support from each user in order to remain the best.

The risks of using a free VPN

If the service is free, it means that the customer is a product. With this in mind, a free VPN company must somehow make money. Their profit usually comes at the expense of everyone who downloaded their software. Let’s look at some of the most dubious methods these companies use.

1. It tracks your data.

When you download a free VPN, this company can track your every step on the Internet. They sell this data to advertisers and you may run the risk of intrusive advertising. If you come across a truly fraudulent company, they can even completely hack your browser. This allows them to redirect you to various pages or sell control of viewing back to you for the purpose of receiving a ransom. Zorro VPN guarantees that your data will be fully protected.

2. It gives other users access to your connection.

Many free VPN services run on P2P networks. This means that your connection is routed through the computers of several other users. This allows anyone on the same network to connect directly to your computer. They can easily put malware or viruses onto your computer.

The conclusion can be made as follows – our preference is clearly directed towards the paid VPN version.