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Setting up a VPN on your iPhone or iPad (iOS)

Using a VPN allows you to access content regardless of your location. To set up a private network on your own iOS iPhone, you need to follow some simple guidelines. First of all, you need to choose a VPN, and we offer you ZorroVPN. Next, you need to: Open the official website of the company. […]

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How to play region-locked games with Zorro VPN?

When you use VPN, (which means a virtual private network), you gain the ability to disguise your Internet provider. How does it work? The ZorroVPN team will explain this to you in a simple and easy way. After you start playing your favorite game, the game has access to your personal data, including financial ones. […]

How to Unblock Hulu from Anywhere

Are you reading this because you are having trouble viewing Hulu? Are you reading this because you are having trouble viewing Hulu? To get around the Hulu geo-restricted, you need to download Zorro VPN app. Zorro VPN is one of the fastest existing VPNs at the moment. Now connect to the American server. Log in […]


An Internet hacker is one who illegally uses his advanced computer knowledge to access security loopholes in digital devices or applications. The term was first used in the early 80s and gradually became more and more relevant. Science fiction films and novels popularized the term and even romanticized it. Cyberattacks occur every 14 seconds around […]

How to Encrypt Your Internet Traffic

Unencrypted data has properties that any hacker can intercept. They can be very different. The Internet service provider (ISP) and even government agencies or Internet scammers. Your data always carries weight for certain Internet users. To give you an example, an Internet service provider can always track you to track whether you, as a user, […]

The Streaming Guide for Movies & Shows

To get it started, install Zorro VPN. You can learn how to do this from other articles on our website Select any country in order to change your location with one click. Open the application on your device and change the location to the one where your favorite content is available. Use the Internet the […]