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Why You Should Use a VPN When Working with Cryptocurrencies

This article addresses a very important topic for the modern world. It’s about cryptocurrencies. Every modern person knows about Bitcoins. Nowadays you can be your own bank and, therefore, you are directly responsible for your security. But few people think about it. We have recorded several reasons for how and why the presence of a Zorro VPN on your device helps. You will also find some additional tips to make sure that all your actions are completely safe and private.

Why You Should Use a VPN When Working with Cryptocurrencies
Why You Should Use a VPN When Working with Cryptocurrencies

Once a coin disappears from your account, it can easily disappear without a sign. Hackers use this to steal money from every user.

For example, in early 2017, more than $1,000,000 was stolen from the Bithumb exchange, which compromised the information of 30,000 customers. These losses include phishing and other fraud involving the use of stolen information.

What are the risks?

The greatest risk when using cryptocurrency is that online exchanges, as already mentioned, are vulnerable to hacking. Be always sure that you are using an exchange with a good reputation.

Your bitcoin or other address may be hacked, most often due to your mistake. Do not post your address on social networks or in messaging clients, as it can easily be associated with your real identity.

Bitcoin addresses are not completely anonymous. Some new currencies, such as Monero or Zcash, are better. You can connect the bitcoin address to IP and thus identify the person concerned.

In fact, some governments have banned cryptocurrency trading, while others tax them. As cryptocurrency exchanges grow, governments will step up their efforts to develop transaction tracking tools.

Phishing attacks

You can find information about this in one of our articles. Not long ago, cybercriminals attacked the Electrum Wallet network and stole nearly a million in a few hours.

Why you should use Zorro VPN when working with cryptocurrencies?

1. VPN encrypts your data when trading

2. Phishing attacks

3. Malicious programs and viruses

4. The VPN hides your IP address and prevents IP address tracking, which means that your computer’s location will not be associated with your bitcoin address.

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