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How to back up your iPhone before wiping it

Apple users often ask, “When I’m selling my iPhone how do I clear it?” Before selling a phone, make sure to clear its memory. Thus, fraudsters won’t be able to use your confidential data for their purposes, and secret photos will not become publicly available. To prevent photos and videos from appearing on the Web, read our tips on how to hide your photos on your iPhone. Personal mail and other private data must also be deleted. So, how to clear app data on the iPhone? Follow the simple steps given below.

How to back up your iPhone before wiping it
Use these steps to transfer information to your new iPhone, then remove your personal information from your old device. Here is how to back up your iPhone before wiping it

How to back up your iPhone

You can erase all contents and settings on your iPhone, but you may need some of this information later. To access it, it’s recommended to create a backup copy. Before starting the iPhone full reset, you should:

* go to the Settings;
* choose your account by clicking on its name;
* go to iCloud;
* scroll to the backup copy, click on it, and select the switch on the right;
* confirm the selected action;
* select creation of a backup copy.

Copying will start if you are connected to a Wi-Fi or mobile Internet. If your backup copy is encrypted, it will ensure a high level of security of your personal data. After creating it, you can wipe out your iPhone. 

Fraudsters who have gained access to your data can use it for their malicious purposes. This can be blackmailing, sending out private photos or videos, offering ads based on your interests. In any case, the data must be reliably protected. To encrypt information, you should:

* run iTunes and connect to a laptop or a PC;
* click on the button (a phone icon);
* open the “Summaries” section:
* there you’ll find an item with encryption of the iPhone backup;
* create a strong password.

ITunes will save the backup copy using encryption. Be sure to sign in to your own iCloud account before the start of the whole backup process. The cloud system stores personal data on a virtual disk and synchronizes it. You will be able to securely wipe iPhone and back up your personal mail, contact list and email addresses.

The call log may contain important calls or phone numbers that are not stored in the device’s memory. How to clear everything off an iPhone while keeping this information? It’s enough to use special software. To save photos or videos, as well as music files, sync with iTunes. Visit the Apple Support site to find a guide on performing the backup and syncing processes.

What else to do before you wipe your phone

Before you decide to clean out an iPhone, don’t forget about additional devices connected to it. The most popular of them is the Apple Watch, so the watch also needs to be disconnected. Otherwise, the new owner of your phone will be able to access the information from the connected device.

To disconnect the watch, you need to put it near your phone and open the app that saves the data synchronized with the Watch. At the top of the screen, click on the information icon. There is the item “Disconnect Apple Watch”. In a gadget that supports mobile communication, cancel the subscription. Some operators charge extra for this. Don’t forget to confirm your actions.

Before login out of the system, you must also disable the listed services:

* messages;
* payment app with specified credit card details;
* ‘Find my iPhone’ function;
* information about Apple ID;
* iTunes and the cloud storage that syncs data on your phone.

The account stores information about the serial number of the device. It also must be deleted. See what apps are installed on your phone. Messengers and social networks must be disconnected from your phone number. Log out of the accounts and clear the cache by deleting the saved login information. How to swipe iPhone data off and delete any shopping details? Shopping apps must also be uninstalled so that credit card information is not saved on the device.

Open your browser and clear the password information that was saved for quick logins.  Here is how to turn off your browsing history. If your device had multiple browsers installed, clear all of them. After that, go to the official Apple App Store and login into your account. It contains the devices linked to this particular account. Disable and remove them. Remove the SIM card from the phone.

How to erase your iPhone

To clear your phone of settings and personal information completely, you should:

* open Settings;
* scroll down to “General”;
* go to the item “Reset”;
* delete content and existing settings;
* click “Delete now”;
* confirm the action;
* provide your personal password and Apple ID password.

These steps will help you delete all personal information from your phone. There are times when passwords are lost. In such cases, you need to know how to delete data from apps on iPhone without a password. The password can be reset. All you have to do is go to your account and select “Forgot Apple ID or Password?” Next, the system will tell you what needs to be done to recover this information.

If you can’t recover data, you can start erasing iPhone data completely. In this case, you need to connect the device to your laptop and open iTunes settings. There is a phone icon there. Go to this tab, then select “Summary”. There is a button here that allows you to restore information saved on the iPhone.

When you decide to delete information on your iPhone in this way, it is impossible to erase everything that was on the phone — settings, messages, personal information. Previously deleted information will not be available through the iOS interface. It is stored on the device, and anyone familiar with the principles of hacking mobile devices will be able to access it. For wiping your iPhone, you should use a third-party app to help you overwrite the information. Please note that such a program must be reliable and ensure complete confidentiality of the data on your mobile phone. We recommend using a VPN to surf the web anonymously on your iPhone. Now you know what to do before selling your iPhone. Don’t forget that before buying a second-hand device, you need to check whether the owner has disconnected his accounts from the phone.  Wanna know more? Learn how to enhance your level of web security on your new iPhone in this article: What VPN is & Why You Should Work on It.

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