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Is your country at high cyber risk?

Most of our personal data is stored on the Internet nowadays, so cybersecurity is of paramount importance.

Is your country at high cyber risk?
Is your country at high cyber risk?

So what countries cannot guarantee that are you safe online?

According to the statistics, Algeria is the least Internet-safe country in the world. Algeria also shows poor results in the prevalence of computer malware (19.75%) and user awareness of cyberattacks (0.262).

Other countries with fairly high rates are still Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Syria, and Iran. Moreover, Indonesia, Vietnam, Tanzania, and Uzbekistan are still on this list.

Which country is still the most cybersafe in the world?

According to the statistics, Denmark is the safest country in the matter of cyberattacks in the world. Japan is also such a country nowadays. So, if you live in one of these mentioned above, the risk that someone steals your personal data is minimal.
Other countries with the best scores include Sweden, Germany, and Ireland.
Sweden was the country with the highest score for hacker attacks using malicious software.

How can cyberattacks be prevented?

It is enough to guarantee that your employees don’t have the leak of knowledge in the sphere of the Internet-safety. However, other precautions will not harm either.

Install antivirus software

As a rule, cyberattacks aim at corporations. But more often they happen to ordinary people due to ordinary computer viruses. The virus is unlikely to encrypt your data, but it can easily steal them and slow down your computer. The best antiviruses can protect you from many problems. They will also protect you from spyware. The spyware monitors the activities of your company and copies your data. Find a reliable antivirus that regularly updates its databases. This will be the first step on the road to security.

Use Zorro VPN

You can use our VPN service anywhere and on any mobile device. Zorro VPN will securely encrypt your data. As a result, decrypting them will become much more difficult.

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