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Unblock Websites – How to Access Blocked Sites on Mobile

The Internet has changed the way we live our lives. Having access to information on virtually any subject you can think of, the Internet provides opportunities to level the playing field for people around the world. The Internet is a network that connects computers and a wide range of electronic devices around the world. Whenever a device is connected to the Internet, your personal device is at risk, just as you have access to millions of servers, millions of potentially dangerous people and software in the form of viruses have access to your machine.

There are hundreds of virus protection software platforms designed to protect consumers from malicious software such as viruses, trackers, data sniffing tools, ransomware, and many other hazardous digital material. It is because of these threats that public and private networks restrict access to potentially dangerous websites, networks, and servers accessible via the Internet. Educational environments, such as universities and school systems, often restrict access to specific web sites. Workplace environments also restrict access by employees to particular situations to protect their private networks.

While it is true the Internet is an invaluable tool, for the reasons discussed, it can be hey potentially dangerous environment. One of the best forms of defense available for private citizens is a VPN. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN creates a connection between your local device and the network or server you are accessing. Using a VPN is the best way to ensure your internet access is kept private and allow unrestricted access to the Internet.

ZorroVPN is a Belize based information technology company that has one of the best comprehensive VPN’s available on the market. For a small monthly fee, users will have access to the ZorroVPN platform.

Unblock Websites – How to Access Blocked Sites on Mobile


A single VPN is a private network the makes a secure connection between the user and a remote network. VPN chaining is the process of connecting multiple VPN, so instead of being protected by one VPN, you are connected by various networks (hop). ZorroVPN has as part of its VPN solution four chains of protection and privacy. The ZorroVPN masks your IP address for every hop it connects with, so you will have up to four IP address, which is four additional layers of security and anonymity.

Data Encryption

ZorroVPN has one of the highest encryption standards on the market, using AES 256 bit encryption and 4,096-bit authentication.


ZorroVPN also integrates with Tor, the browser used to access the dark web. While Tor does offer some protection, it does not protect against traffic monitoring, ZorroVPN can fill these wholes, creating a more secure and safe environment.

Port Forwarding

Included as part of ZorroVPN’s security and anonymity solutions is port forwarding. Port forwarding is a networking technology that is used as another layer of security the ZorroVPN provides. Port forwarding keeps your network or device safe from malicious attacks. With ZorroVPN’s port Forwarding capabilities, users can use one IP address for data going out and use other ports for incoming data, which makes a more secure environment.

How to Unblock Websites Using a VPN and How to Open a Blocked Website?

ZorroVPN allows users access to blocked site regardless of any restrictions in place on the local network. Website restrictions are implemented with the use of a website filter. Website filters are usually included as part of a preconfigured virtual machine or virtual appliance, which is located remotely or in the cloud. This virtual appliance acts as a gatekeeper to all traffic entering or leaving the local network.

As part of the virtual appliance’s configuration are website filtering specifications. The virtual appliance (VA) is a security measure that is designed to prevent malicious data from entering the local network. There are often specifications on the VA to prevent malware, ransomware, and other hazardous traffic from compromising the system. The VA’s configuration also contains a list website and their corresponding IP addresses on what is called a blacklist. A network administrator can add any website’s URL to the blacklist and prevent users from accessing any of these websites.

The ZorroVPN tool creates a virtual establishes a secure encrypted tunnel between the user’s device and a remote server. Once the VPN establishes the tunnel, an IP address is given to the user, this IP address is configured for the external server and not where you are. Once the VPN is established, the local user is now surfing the web from a different virtual server, and there are no restrictions.

Mobile Devices

The ability to access blocked sites on mobile devices, a VPN is required, as is the case with desktops and laptops. Mobile devices often contain more private information than our desktops and laptops, coupled with the different versions and mobile operating systems; there are a few additional factors to consider. ZorroVPN is compatible with mobile devices (Andriod and Apple); however, this is not the case with other VPNs companies.

Today our cell phones are used to access much more sensitive private data than our desktops. Most people use their mobile devices to access personal bank accounts and other financial information, electronic medical data, images, and videos of private moments, even applications that contain passwords. It is crucial when using a VPN that encryption is sufficient, and ZorroVPN’s encryption standard of AES 256 bit encryption and 4,096-bit authentication is included with their mobile platform.

Part of the technology behind VPNs is during the data transfer; the tunneling process establishes a connection through a different server, which tends to delay the process. ZorroVPN has configured the mobile VPN to seamlessly integrate and offer the security and privacy deserved and expected without sacrificing data transfer speed.

The mobile version of ZorroVPN, like the desktop version, includes VPN chains, up to a quadroVPN, which is four layers of protection and privacy. If your device accesses the Internet via VoIP, P2P or torrent communities for file sharing, ZorroVPN allows access and anonymity. The ZorroVPN for mobile devices offers support for multiple IP addresses across the globe, including Austria, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Finland, Isreal, Norway, Vietnam, South America, totaling nearly 40 countries.

ZorroVPN for mobile devices allows users to stay protected on the go. When we are on our devices, we access different hotspots, WiFi networks, as well as our internet service provider’s cell towers. ZorroVPN for mobile keeps your mobile device protected while allowing access to streaming data without buffering or interruptions.

ZorroVPN is a premier technology company that is well established and has a winning track record of providing reliable and secure private network solutions. With features such as supporting true mobile VPN solutions, the ability to integrate with virtually all operating system platforms, and their Switch IP on the Fly capabilities, ZorronVPN has all bases covered.