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VPN servers

List of Zorro VPN server locations

Securely connecting to Internet can be a real problem. Providers transfer information about outgoing traffic to third parties, hackers crack personal accounts and use logins and passwords for their own purposes. This list can be be endless. That’s why every user wants to be sure that his connection is secure. To do this, it is necessary to use special programs that encrypt outgoing and incoming information. You will need to install a VPN application that can change your IP address so no one can know your real data.

List of Zorro VPN server locations

How to change your IP address, you ask? To do this you need to connect to VPN servers. Servers are located around the world and allow all the users to securely connect to the network. Which VPN server will help you to connect to the network in order to view a specific content? You should decide what you need. If you want to watch movies on Netflix, which videos are available only for Americans, you will need to use the server addresses for VPN from this continent. For example, there are 549 servers in North America and 390 in South America. All you need to do is to select the desired server from the list and visit your favorite websites, you will no longer see a restriction on access. The full list of VPN locations includes more than 60 countries and a huge number of servers (over 3500) to connect to.

Why VPN server locations matter

With the VPN app for iOS you can connect to the network from any country. After installing and running the software, you will be able to view certain content, and the ISP will assume that you are in a completely different city or even continent. Let’s suppose, that you live in Europe, but you are more interested in American pages. Use the VPN server address in the USA and no more restrictions will spoil your mood.

With this worldwide VPN you can view:

·   US Netflix;

·   Youtube;

·   BBC;

·   BBC iplayer;

·  ORF-TVThek;

·   Hulu and many other websites.

You can find a VPN server by yourself and connect to it, or you can rely on the program and entrust it for the connection. In this case, the location for connection will be selected automatically. Usually the program chooses the best server location, but if the content is not available in the selected country, you can easily change the server location settings in ZorroVPN.

Let’s suppose, that you chose VPN for Europe or VPN East Coast and want to know your current IP address. This address will be different from the one that is usually assigned to your computer when you access the network. Now it will be switched to the IP address of the country whose server you are using for accessing Internet. You can figure it out by logging into the program, this data and the time you have already spent on the network are shown there.

ZorroVPN has developed another useful option for lovers of travel. By connecting to a private network, you can see secure open WiFi networks with which you can access Internet. There are such access points all over the world. In this way, you will not only have access with a strong encryption, but you will also get free Internet connection, no matter where you are located.

Wanna Know More?

Using this software carries a lot of advantages. You will be able to seamlessly connect to any Internet resource and have no difficulty logging in. Any content, such as music and video streaming is now available to you as no one knows from which country you are connected. The provider will not be able to track your traffic and the program will not keep an event history log. Your connection will not be intercepted by intruders thanks to a secure encryption system. Check information about encrypting internet traffic easily.

In order to install the application, it is enough to have a mobile device with iOS operating system. Unfortunately, at the moment the application for Android does not exist. The instructions of installation and other Zorro VPN Features can be found on the official website of the company.