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VPN Drain the battery – True or False

Does VPN drain battery? Many users are worried about this issue. It is especially relevant for owners of iOS gadgets. A program that allows users to bypass blocks is used quite often. But how bad is it for the device’s performance?

VPN Drain the battery - True or False

There shouldn’t be any significant problems. The operation of a mobile device is affected by how long one uses the app, the volume of the battery, and its lifespan. Therefore, VPN battery drain is possible, but each case is different. Every user can easily check their indicators in the gadget settings.

Why Does VPN  Drain Battery of your iPhone?

There are several reasons why a battery starts to drain faster with a VPN:

  1. Type of encryption used. A phone or a tablet changes its virtual location. This requires additional energy. Also keep in mind that servers with high speed and security needs more resources. Therefore, the battery is rapidly losing power.
  2. Unoptimized processor. This is especially true for gadgets that have been in operation for a long time. Does VPN drain battery faster? In this case, the answer is definitely yes.
  3. Opened apps. Users often run multiple programs simultaneously. When they run a VPN, they forget they are using other apps. However, they still continue to consume energy. Therefore, the gadget is drained faster.
  4. Weak phone or Wi-Fi signal. In this case, a gadget requires additional power to complete the connection. It needs a lot of resources. The battery is partially affected by this. Bottom line, the device begins to quickly lose energy.

Therefore, the answer to the question ‘Does VPN drain battery of iPhone?’ is positive. However, if you have a new gadget, use only one app, and have good signal, you can minimize the energy costs.

How Much Battery does VPN Use?

Usually, the consumption level is around 10-15%. There are some factors affecting the traffic usage:

  1. Quality of the signal coverage. This was mentioned above. The worse the signal, the more energy will be spent.
  2. Time of work. If the VPN is always turned on and operates in the background, this naturally requires additional energy. If you want to enjoy a longer period of operation of your gadget, activate the program only when you really need it.
  3. Strong encryption. If you use a secure server, it always requires a lot of resources. You can choose a less secure one, then the battery consumption will decrease, but so does the risk of tracking your actions.

Naturally, if you turn on the program only occasionally, this will not drain the battery very much. It’s also recommended to minimize unnecessary apps. You may ask ‘Should I always leave my VPN on?’ No, if you want to enjoy various content regularly, then just start the app when you need it. Turn it off the rest of the time to save energy.

How to save the battery of your phone using a VPN?

There are many options for bypassing blocks and saving the energy of your gadget, for example:

  1. Turn the app on only when you really need it. Stop background usage, and it will work. You will be able to quickly reduce the VPN battery drain.
  2. Install the VPN directly on your router. You don’t have to run it all the time on your gadget. Security of your data with VPN will be on, but energy consumption will be significantly reduced.
  3. Use low power programs. For example, install the Zorro VPN. This utility helps to bypass various restrictions and requires minimum energy.

Therefore, the answer to the question ‘Does VPN use more battery?’ is positive. But thanks to the presented “tricks” you will be able to save energy and enjoy the program for a long time. Now you know how to browse the web anonymously and not worry about draining your gadget.

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