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How to download torrents on iPhone

Users around the world prefer various file-sharing services. The most popular one is torrenting. But in such cases, the security of personal data can be compromised. Moreover, many governments have banned the use of such programs.

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Copyright organizations make sure that users don’t download banned data. But torrenting on an iPhone is possible even in such situations. Your provider and other interested parties will not be able to find out who downloaded certain files. All you need to do is use a suitable VPN service designed specifically for torrenting.

Not sure how to download torrents on iPhone? Here’s a simple guide to download the content you want.

Use A VPN To Torrent Anonymously

It can be difficult to download utorrent for iPhone via a VPN for the first time. To download files anonymously, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Choose a VPN app that supports torrents. Some developers don’t provide secure downloading of files, so you should carefully study the information about a particular program before installing it.
  2. Set up a secure connection. After downloading the app, select the OpenVPN protocol (TCP or UDP). L2tp / IPSec are standard ones, but they don’t provide the required level of security. Plus, enable the DNS leak protection feature. Don’t forget to use a network kill switch, as it will help to keep confidential data safe if you accidentally disconnect from your VPN.
  3. Choose a suitable P2P server. To do this, you can contact the support service of the VPN developer. To make sure the connection is secure, conduct a test for probable vulnerabilities.
  4. Download and install your preferred torrent application for iPhone. This step should only be performed after the VPN is installed and connected to ensure the proper level of security.
  5. Open a torrent site, where you can download the required data.
  6. Select the torrent you want and download it.

It remains to wait for the data to download, after which you can watch movies, listen to music or customize the downloaded software obtained using bittorrent for iPhone. No other service will know what information you download and read while you are using a VPN app for your iPhone.

Use virtual private networks (VPN) to secure your connection

The use of a VPN allows you to encrypt your Internet traffic. This ensures safe torrenting. Your Internet providers, hackers, or government agencies will not be able to find out about your online activity. Even when downloading data protected by copyright, there will be no problems.

In addition to using a virtual network, you will need to visit torrent sites that provide the necessary level of security. That being said, you can download torrent on iPhone without losing speed when you connect to a VPN.

You won’t receive a DMCA notice of copyright protection and subsequent penalties for illegal downloading when you are using secure services for downloading.

Therefore, the easiest and safest way to protect your personal information and your location when downloading data is by using a VPN. The program will disguise your real IP address. It is especially important to use a VPN app when downloading data or searching for torrents in open Wi-Fi networks. In the program settings, you can check what safe options are available nearby. At the same time, hackers will not be able to intercept your confidential data.

Install and Download a Torrent Client

For downloading torrents on iPhone, you can use a torrent client or third-party sources. The former option involves installing a suitable downloading manager for torrents. You can find such programs in the AppStore. Apps requiring a subscription are more secure. You can also use freeware programs, but in this case there may be some troubles in the form of certification permission.

You can register on a torrent site and use the best torrent downloader for iPhone offered by the platform itself. All you have to do is install the program and enjoy safe downloading of content.

You will be able to not only download but also transfer personal files on the web. There are several ways to add a torrent:

* using the magnetic link required to download a torrent;
* via the Internet (all data will be publicly available);
* using a direct URL to download the data.

When the file you need appears in the queue, you will have to wait. But don’t close the file before it starts to download the torrent for iPhone. Once the process is complete, you can manage access to this file. Now you can distribute the torrent to everyone or to specific people.

To get full information about the file, wait for the complete download and go to the tab with details. There you can specify a storage place on your phone to save it.

Some programs don’t support downloading data over mobile network by default. How to get torrents on iPhone without Wi-Fi connection? To enable this option, go to the phone settings and specify the corresponding parameters. Remember to save the changes.

If you don’t want to install additional software to download and open torrent files on iPhone, you can use regular web services. In this case, torrents can be considered as regular files that are downloaded from the Internet. Please use a browser with an HTTP connection. Cloud storages support and make it easy to download torrents to your phone. How to download movies on the iPhone directly from a special website? It is enough to use a download manager. 

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