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How to Watch Safely Sex Education, The Witcher, Dark during Coronavirus?

Few people can imagine the percentage of users who choose to watch Netflix during the quarantine. But most of them do not know what threats their personal computers, mobile devices and any personal data on the network are actually exposed to.

What Netflix shows can Zorro VPN advise you?

Surely everyone heard about such a teenage series as Sex Education. Here are some interesting facts about him. Despite the fact that it has a pronounced American radiance with the participation of athletes, Acapella groups and vile girls, “Sex Education” takes place in the UK and is filmed in Wales. Asa Butterfield plays a clumsy teenager who starts giving sexual counseling for money, and Gillian Anderson plays his mother in her typical graceful style. “Sex education” explores the problems associated with intimacy and personality, in a smart way that will cause you emotions.

How to Watch Safely Sex Education, The Witcher, Dark during Coronavirus

Surely everyone heard about what we will now mention.

Netflix Original The Witcher is the next series that Zorro VPN can advise you. Based on a Polish fantasy literature franchise that has gained worldwide popularity after successfully adapting a video game. The series talks about Geralt of Rivia (played by Henry Cavill), whose profession suggests he kills monsters for money.

The series sometimes looks more like a collage of video clips than a coherent dramatic narration – but it impresses the audience no less. The Witcher’s real success lies in recognizing that viewers don’t necessarily want their funny fantasy shows to be too loud or pretentious.

Are you a fan of mysticism?

Then Zorro VPN will help you choose what you can watch without any restrictions.We respect your privacy and will never sell, rent, lease or give away your information (IP,name, address, email, etc.) to any third party. Another masterpiece that comes to mind is the sci-fi series Dark. What initially seems like a simple investigation of puzzles soon turns into an ambitious story about time travel with a huge amount of gloomy atmosphere.

You won’t notice how quarantine flies if you look at what we recommend. Our ideas do not end with the above – stay with Zorro VPN and you will see for yourself that Zorro VPN is the best assistant to unlock any content without limiting the speed of your Internet.

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