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Unblock YouTube Videos From Any Country

So, You Can’t Watch Your Videos…

Whether you’re in school or at work with some down time to kill, or abroad without access to your normal network, you may find yourself needing to unblock videos on YouTube, or other such sites. These may be blocked by a local secure network or by regional locks on content. We’ll take a look at how to view YouTube videos using a proxy, or Zorro VPN.

How to Unblock YouTube with Proxy

You can use a secondary website to unblock YouTube videos with proxy access. To do this, you need to search for the term “unblock YouTube videos”.
You then navigate to a site where you will copy the video URL from you address bar into its search bar. The site will use the video data to route the stream through an appropriate location and then back to you.

This may be a free option, but it takes a bit of time and tedium. I’ve also experienced mixed results on this working with my login credentials to maintain my playlists and watch history, etc. It also only works with one site, nothing else, in my experience.

How to Unblock YouTube on iPhone

On an iPhone, you might run into a slightly more complex scenario. You may find that YouTube as a whole is blocked. In this case, you need a Zorro VPN. Zorro VPN will create a proxy between you and the content automatically which will allow you to view the content. From what I’ve seen, however, using free VPNs, you may need to use several different apps to have full VPN coverage for the iPhone.

So, is There a Better Option?

All of this sounds like quite a hassle just to watch a few videos, doesn’t it? So, what should you do to avoid all of that trouble just to enjoy your content? Well, I mentioned VPNs a few times. Specifically you can get a YouTube proxy VPN, which is built into several premium service.

This proxy will basically do everything that the aforementioned website does for you automatically. No need to manually navigate to a page and insert the video URL each time, or anything like that.

Is There More to it Than That?

Well, for YouTube, not really. Once you have the VPN set up with the proxy, you should be able to access any video on YouTube with your own account, viewing history, etc.

However, that’s not where the aid of the VPN ends. Ever wanted to watch Netflix shows that are not available in your country? Zorro VPN will allow you to mask your IP address to appear like you’re in any number of countries with just a click or two. Then you just log back into Netflix. Now you can see whatever is available to you in that country. Again this is all carried on your own account as normal, just as though you were physically in that country. There are a few offerings on Hulu and Prime that are country-specific as well. re you a fan of music? Here is how to unlock the Apple Music in 2020.

So, it’s Only Good for Watching Videos?

Zorro VPN can help with any number of issues. Do you have a nosy boss that likes to check your browsing history through the work network? Zorro VPN will help you appear as though you’re completely off of the work grid.

Do you travel a lot? Your plane tickets might actually be cheaper if you purchase them in another state or province. With Zorro VPN you can change you location to check prices.

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