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Protect your data with military-grade encryption! Zorro VPN

When it comes to Internet encryption of your personal and financial data, and even more so with the clarification of such a level of security as “military”. Zorro VPN user who has never encountered anything like this and who does not have the slightest idea about cybersecurity. A million questions may arise.

In this case, the user who does not understand anything is you. When you hear the term military-grade encryption. It becomes even more confusing for you. But the Zorro VPN team is ready to explain it to you. To do this, just continue reading this article.

Some of the cybersecurity experts may call this phrase just a marketing trick. Someone may be of the opinion that calling the level of this encryption “military”. It helps to convey complex concepts in an accessible form for an ordinary person to understand. But what does military-grade encryption really mean?

Protect your data with military-grade encryption! Zorro VPN
Protect your data with military-grade encryption! Zorro VPN

More about military-grade encryption.

Military-grade encryption refers to AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with 256-bit keys. In 2001, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Division of the US Department of Commerce announced AES as the new information security standard.

Traditionally, military encryption uses a key size equal to or greater than 128 bits. The US government indicates that AES-128 is used for classified (unclassified) information. AES-256 for top-secret (secret) information. If an object processes information at both levels, it usually adopts AES-256 as a standard.

For a person who doesn`t know much about the technologies mentioned above. These letters and numbers will not matter much. In an attempt to bring encryption to the general public, security companies are looking for a term that describes top-level security with less jargon.

Since AES is used by the US government to protect sensitive information and the NSA is used to protect national security data. The term “military-level” seems appropriate.

Are you convinced that you and your personal data on the Internet urgently need military-level security?

Then Zorro VPN will provide it to you.

Many skeptics will say that you don’t need this, as other encryption algorithms will work too. However, no industry or service is safe from hacker attacks. Surely you have heard about cases of numerous financial thefts on the Internet. Their number is growing every year. The higher your personal security, the more confident you will feel in a global network.

What is the use of military-grade encryption? Thanks to Zorro VPN, your confidential information will be protected as much as possible if you use Zorro VPN.

Zorro VPN takes care of each of its users and their personal data, so our team has created for you the opportunity to use the best of all Internet encryption for free.

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