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What is phishing exactly?

Phishing is a hacking technique that uses fake messages and sometimes websites to take your information or money. It has appeared from the beginning of the Internet, but it still remains relevant: almost 32% of all user data thefts last year were phishing.
Phishing is commonly used to steal finances. The priority is fraudulent bank transfers. The most popular form of phishing is through emails. Some of the phishing emails are so thoroughly made that it can be difficult to detect a fake message.

What is phishing exactly? How Zorro VPN can help to protect data
What is phishing exactly? How Zorro VPN can help to protect data

Identifying a phishing attack

It always encourages you to do something. Most of the phishing attacks are based on people’s fear in order to push them into questionable decisions. The owner of the email will click on the link in his email or SMS without hesitation.

Attempts to intimidate you

Fraud messages usually look like this: “someone tried to log in to your account”, “your password has been changed”, or “your account will be deleted soon due to suspicious activity”. Since you need to respond as soon as possible, the hackers will provide you the link to the service.

Email attachments

Companies have no reason for sending out newsletters, e-mails with alerts, or other mails with attachments. Never download or open such messages, otherwise, you have huge risk.

This is not like what came from the sender

If this particular company has never contacted you before with warnings about changed passwords or didn’t send you special offers that seem to be too good to be true ones, it is very likely that they won`t contact you now.

How to protect from phishing

Use spam filters. The best way to avoid phishing emails is to prevent them from reaching your inbox. This will protect you from accidentally opening emails with malicious links and attachments.

Learning to recognize it

With a little practice, you can learn how to identify phishing emails. Even the little things matter. If your manager always signs his “Thank you!” and you received a message with the sign “Best Regards”, it’s better to double-check with it. When it comes to company secrets and large amounts of money, you must be careful.

Someone tried to log into your account

Many people received an email saying, “Someone tried to log into your account.” Although it is possible that something similar happened, it is also a popular scare tactic. If you’re not sure if you can trust the email, don’t click on it. Instead, open a new window and go to the appropriate website to see if something really happened.

Use reliable VPN

If you are a user of Zorro VPN, this will significantly reduce the risks that a particular phishing email will be sent to your email. Zorro VPN reliably protects your mobile device and your personal and financial data. Stay alert and stay safe.

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