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How to Block Email Tracking?

Did you know that when you open an email, the sender can find out what time and where you did it?

Hackers do this by simply inserting a small piece of code into their emails. This doesn`t harm you and your device if you trust the company that sent this letter, but almost everyone can use this feature nowadays.

This article is about protecting yourself from this and protecting your personal information.

How to Block Email Tracking from hackers with Zorro VPN?
How to Block Email Tracking from hackers with Zorro VPN?

How does tracking your email work?

The sender of the malicious email adds an invisible image for you that is 1×1 pixels in size, the so-called pixel tracker. In your message or in a document attached to it.

When you open it, the mail server requests this tiny image from the server on which it is originally stored.

This easy request allows the hacker to understand both the opening time, location, and device from which this action was performed. Which means that he now has access to the information he needs.

In our time of technological progress, almost every Internet user can track you by using free pixel tracking apps. Have you ever accidentally opened a letter that you wanted to ignore?

You should know that your information has already been transmitted to the sender. If it is sent into the hands of hackers, you will have big problems, for example, the theft of your credit card information.

Fortunately, most email services have a way to block pixel trackers. All you have to do is to block your email from automatically downloading images. But there are ways to solve this problem in another, simpler way. Read on to understand how. Advertisers and hackers use email services to place advertising trackers on users’ computers for completely different purposes.

This means that if you open one malicious email. Your information can subsequently be used to target ads to you or even worse hack your data, as we mentioned earlier. To prevent this from happening you will need a VPN.

Qualitative VPN, namely, Zorro VPN, which 100% guarantees that no one, from your Internet provider to the government. Will under any circumstances receive your data. Read information about how to know that your email address has been hacked.

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