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How to turn off browsing history with VPN

Browser history shows information about your previously visited sites. It contains email details used to log into any account, as well as various forms. Also, cache with information necessary to quickly log into an account on sites is saved too. It allows specialized services to track the pages you visited. The history can store pictures or other data required during private searching sessions. To hide your online activity from, use a VPN like Zorro VPN.

turn off browsing history

Your browsing history: security concerns

All data is stored on your computer, and you can view it from any device if you enabled synchronization. It’s easy to study information from the Web if the corresponding function is activated. If several persons use the same gadget to access the Internet, they can also see which pages others visited. This is possible if you are not using hide online identity. The cache stored in the cloud is available to many people who access the Internet from your iPhone or tablet. Friends logging in from your device will find out your passwords, see photos and personal information. To avoid this, delete search histories after you finish your session. If you want to keep all browsing information hidden, explore these ways to keep your browsing history hidden from ISP. You can also change the settings and prohibit history from being saved. And here is our recommendations on how to hide your IP address.

How to permanently stop browser from recording browsing history

You may ask how to stop browsing history being saved. The easiest method is to use the incognito mode. Almost all browsers have the feature that allows users to open new browser windows in private mode. While the browser works, it saves cookies. When you close a tab, the browser starts deleting incognito history automatically.

It’s easy to stop being worried about deleting history; for this, prohibit your device to record data about the visited sites in the Internet history saver. You will need to use various methods described below for each particular browser. In a matter of minutes, you will be able to delete the information about the sites you have visited, and thanks to this you will not worry about other users finding out about them.

How to Turn Off Browsing History on Chrome

There is no easy way to make Chrome turn off history. Users can regularly go to the page with history and delete this information. An alternative way is to install an extension that automatically deletes data after the session ends. There are fewer options for clearing history if you are using a mobile device.

Browser history management and data on how to turn off search history will be available after performing the following steps:

* open the menu by clicking on the vertical ellipsis at the top of the browser;
* go to “Settings”;
* open “Privacy and Security”;
* delete personal information;
* clear or keep existing cache files.

In Google Chrome, you can specify sites where you want to save web history or reject cookies. The browser should not save unnecessary files, and the existing ones should be cleared after each browser session ends. Data can be saved only from the sites that you like, for example, your favourite social networks, your email provider, and so on.

How to turn off browsing history on Firefox

There is no browser that does not save history, so to prohibit this action you need to study the settings yourself. In FireFox, you will need to go to the Security tab similar to Chrome. Here you can choose when to save the cache and other information. There is also a section with “cookies” where certain data can be deleted.

When you switch to the history tab, you can configure whether to save your browsing history or manage search history. Among the options, select the “Do not save history” or the incognito mode, which will be used by default. An alternative way for this is selective deletion.

If you need to revisit the sites you have already visited, there is no need for turning cookies off. And if you need to delete certain data viewed in the recent hour, you need to select the corresponding settings in the browser menu. Click the button, and it will turn off web history permanently.

Clear the history and cookies from Safari

To delete browsing history in Safari, you need to open the history tab and click the special button to clear it. Here you can select the time period for which information should be deleted. In the “Privacy” section, it’s easy to block all cookies stored in the Internet history saver. A similar function is available in the settings of the mobile devices browser.

Not sure how to stop my search history from appearing? In Safari, you can login using the incognito mode. Data on visits is not saved, and neither are automatically completed forms and other information.

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