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How to Watch Disney+ Anywhere in 2020

Each of you must have heard of Disney+. Today, it is managed to become a fairly well-known service, although at the moment it is available only in some regions. These include the United States, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, France and New Zealand. What happens when you try to stream while you are somewhere far from the countries above? You will get a frightening error message.

How to Watch Disney+ Anywhere in 2020
How to Watch Disney+ Anywhere in 2020

Disney resolves these issues without going into too much detail. It just blocks you, even if you are a paid subscriber. So how can you solve this issue and not deprive yourself of the pleasure of watching world-famous cartoons?

Here Zorro VPN comes to the rescue like a superhero. It can easily help you bypass the Disney+ geoblocks as many others mentioned in our blog. Installing a VPN on your device creates a secure connection to a server in the county from which Disney+ is ready for streaming.

After connecting to it you or your child will be able to watch as many films, series and cartoons as you want. Isn’t it a fairytale?

And now we will answer why do you need Zorro VPN to watch Disney

Disney+ is ready for broadcast only in 11 countries, and if you are not ready to wait. Up to two years until its launch in your country, you will definitely need a VPN. Disney+ uses geolocation technology to track your IP address and location, so it knows where you are. If you are located anywhere other than one of the above 11 countries available to it, you won’t be able to watch it.

Zorro VPN uses military-grade security features to hide your IP address and bypass geoblocks of various services, and Disney+ is not an exception. VPN connects your device to a server in any country of your choice. Transmitting your true IP address and online activity through an encrypted tunnel.

Your real IP address is masked by the VPN server to which you are connecting. So your true location remains invisible to anyone who will be interested in this. This means that Disney + will believe that you are one of the millions of users. Who are in countries where the VPN server is located and browsing is allowed.

When you faked your location, all you have to do is go to the Disney + app or its website and press the play button. Enjoy watching!

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