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Is it necessary to educate your children about the safety of the Internet nowadays?

First, you need to talk with your children. This article together with the Zorro VPN team will help you in this question.

Is it necessary to educate your children about the safety of the Internet nowadays?
Is it necessary to educate your children about the safety of the Internet nowadays?

We will ensure that online bullying can no longer affect you. For example, the theft of your personal data of any kind. For example, harassment and phishing. You will be able to make informed decisions regarding the safety of your own child online thanks to our article. Let’s start by explaining to you what the hacker attacks of your children on the Internet are.

The most common types of fraud

Children are more naive, so hackers often attack them in gaming forums. Moreover, children accidentally click on malicious links in incoming messages. They can lead to quite serious events related to identity theft or the spread of viruses on their devices.

The most common methods for accessing your child’s personal data are:
1. Phishing emails
2. Malicious Links
3. Game attacks online

1. Protect your children at social networks

Due to the fact that children at the age of 5 are now equipped with iPhone devices, social networks have replaced physical interaction with people, making the Internet more often a replacement for the playground.

As with any playground, bullying by bad people is increasingly spreading, and most children are afraid to tell parents when they are being intimidated on the Internet. Fortunately, social networks quickly introduced anti-bullying features.

Go to your profile settings and determine who can see your page on social networks, write to you, and comment on what you write in your profile.

Completely block unwanted people from viewing your profile, since even viewing can lead to harm to your personal data.
Turn off comments on your Instagram page altogether.
Hide your posts and stories from specific people.

Most often, people don’t see whether you have restricted their access to their profile, so this is absolutely safe and anonymous in the matter of conflicts with people. As an extra precaution, you can ask your children if you can be their friends on social networks, but promise them that you will not interfere in their personal lives, because in our time this is very important for children.

For more help managing social media privacy settings, follow our tips.

2. Quietly explain why the confidentiality of their personal data is important.

Most people still believe that inappropriate content is the only threat to youth, which is a complete myth.

Online privacy is nowadays more important than ever. When such small details as the name of the street or a family connection are transmitted, attackers can put together your identity and use it to commit fraud or to harass you in real life. As a parent, you need to discuss how dangerous it is to share your personal information on the Internet.

3. Create strong passwords together.

As soon as your child wants to receive an account on the Internet, you should introduce him to such a thing as password security. Their password must be strong, complex, and unique so that attackers cannot crack their accounts.
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