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How to stop Google from tracking your data?

Do you use Google, YouTube or Google Maps? If you use any of these services, keep in mind that Google tracks, collects and stores your personal information, but is there any way to prevent Google from tracking you?

While people tend to regret massive government oversight, tech giants like Google and Facebook are strangely avoiding people’s anger – and most are even happy to share their personal information without asking what these companies do with their data, or who they share this data with.

How to stop Google from tracking your data with ZorroVPN

Why do users trust their trust and their personal information in the hands of these companies?

One theory may be that users are happy with an unspoken agreement and the exchange of personal information in exchange for a “service” from Google or Facebook compared to governments that eavesdrop on and monitor our online activities.

But wait! Of course, governments must spy on us in order to protect us from terrorism, preserve our national interests. Protect us from cybersecurity threats, and the like. So, don’t they provide us a service? Although intrusive, disguised as useful!

How Google track your data?

Every time you search on Google, information such as your location (obtained from your IP address and Google location services), your age, your shopping habits, etc., are used by Google to display these great ads, which you see below. You are around on the internet as a bad smell!

More and more people are beginning to realize that companies like Google are only interested in one thing – our personal data, which brings them billions in the form of advertising revenue. The tide is changing due to the huge amount of data leaks and cyber-attacks.

Because the title captures hacking Ashley Madison, the Sony Pictures invasion, and the Target credit card scandal. More and more people are starting to ask how to secure their personal information. With companies like Google and Facebook, and is it possible to stop Google from tracking you?

Use Zorro VPN to prevent Google from tracking you.

Once you connect to the Zorro VPN, everything you do online is anonymous. Any websites you visit, any online searches that you do on Google, Yahoo or Bing, are not visible.

The websites you visit, the usernames and passwords used to access the websites, the people you chat with on the Internet. The files you download and publish will not be visible to third parties. Trying to control your use online and potentially steal confidential information from you.

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