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Why is the security of your data important?

Who owns your data? From corporations to hackers, there is no shortage of people trying to access the information you generate online. Cyberattacks are growing unprecedentedly now. From phishing to cracking passwords and spoofing IP addresses, there are many strategies that hackers can use to steal your data.

However, when it comes to corporations and legitimate online services. People are less confident about how to maintain their autonomy and privacy. Understanding data privacy and security is the first step towards maintaining digital autonomy.

Why is security of your data important? Zorro VPN
Why is security of your data important? Zorro VPN

What is data privacy?

Data privacy is how we decide to maintain our privacy on the Internet, where information is a highly sought after product.

It is important to know who views our online activities and what they do with this information. Allowing larger companies to track and store your data can lead to unexpected consequences. So you should give your opinion on this.

Who can access your personal data?

Information about users and their online activity is an important product. Everything from Facebook and Google to minor app developers depend on this in terms of revenue. Even your ISP – the company you pay for the connection – may monetize your data.

After you transfer your data to one company, it is very difficult to limit their use. Although you may feel comfortable when Amazon or Facebook use your personal information. You simply cannot be sure that other “third-party” companies and even government agencies will also not find ways to access it.

Use Zorro VPN when you connect online. For genuine comprehensive data protection, encryption is the best. You can do this with Zorro VPN. Even if someone breaks the connection. He will only have access to the encrypted code. Moreover, your ISP will not be able to sell information about your browsing habits to advertisers. This is probably the safest way to make sure your data is under your control.

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