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Protect Yourself on Public Wi-Fi with Zorro VPN

If you travel often or use public Wi-Fi to access the internet, it’s even more critical for you to protect yourself with a high-quality VPN. Anyone with a basic knowledge of how Wi-Fi networks work can sit on public networks and watch everything you do.

They can see the websites you visit and steal any information you submit while using public Wi-Fi. In addition to monitoring your internet activity, hackers can even take over your web browser, redirect your connections and put malware on your device. Zorro VPN helps keep you and your devices safe when you connect to public Wi-Fi.

Avoid Censorship

If you live in certain countries or travel a lot, you will find that many countries censor some websites. For example, China prevents its citizens from using Facebook and other social media sites. You will also find that schools and other Wi-Fi networks block a range of websites. You can defeat censorship and use the websites you love with Zorro VPN. Since you first connect to Zorro VPN’s servers, you can get around those limitations and browse the web as you would from your home network.

Advantages of Zorro VPN Over Other VPN Services

Unlike most of the other VPN providers on the market, Zorro VPN lets you change your IP address without forcing you to disconnect first. This feature empowers you to get a new online identity with the push of a button.

When you take advantage of Zorro VPN’s advanced features, you also get access to our vast network of VPN chains. A VPN chain gives you added security by routing your connection through several locations before sending your data to its final destination.

Take Advantage of Many Servers

When you want safe access to various Wi-Fi points, you can’t go wrong with Zorro VPN. Zorro VPN gives you access to many servers in various locations across the globe. You can get an IP address from your country, or you can opt for an IP address from nearly 30 other countries.

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