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How to Access the Dark Web in Easy Steps

What is the deep web?

You can find anything over the Internet, can’t you? But what should you do if you need to search for something secret and clandestine? For that, dark web should be used. How to use dark web from your device? Read on to learn more about the basic principles of connecting to the dark side of your favorite Internet. You will learn about Tor browser that uses an onion routing, about the principles of performing secret operations, and much more.

How to Access the Dark Web in Easy Steps – 2020 | Zorro VPN

How to Access the Dark Web Safely

All you need to browse through the dark Internet pages is to use iPhone VPN and Tor browser for connection. You can download and install Tor free of charge. Its main goal is to promote privacy – you will be able to view all the necessary Internet pages absolutely anonymously. 

Websites that can be accessed via the dark web have no common URLs. Therefore, it’s impossible to view these pages using a traditional browser. How to access the dark web safely and quickly? By using Tor, you become absolutely anonymous, since outgoing traffic passes through several repeaters. This makes it possible for you to change your original location for other participants never to know where you are from.

Your provider will never find out which dark web pages you are visiting. The only thing it will know is that you are using Tor browser. This may result in your access to the Internet being blocked, since such an activity is considered to be suspicious. But this won’t happen if you use a virtual network.

The VPN app helps to encrypt your Internet traffic. This means that the provider will never know about illegal browsing on the dark web and you can enter the dark web safely. Additionally, your IP address will be concealed as well – no one will be able to find out what city you are from or what building you use the Internet from. Read information about how to hide your IP address. The best programs for operating the virtual private network run in the server’s RAM. This means that when you restart the server, all the information will be deleted and no data about you or your location will be saved.

All you need to do to get in the dark web is:

  1. Install reliable Zorro VPN. It doesn’t maintain logs, which means that neither provider nor government authorities will be able to get information about the Internet pages you have browsed through and your location.
  2. Don’t log on to the web immediately after downloading Tor browser. First, you should configure it correctly and connect to a server in a particular country. Only then can you proceed to accessing the dark web.
  3. Start the new browser and log on to the web.

After completing these steps, you can easily find the necessary information and never be afraid of spying.


How to get in dark web free of charge? It’s extremely simple, isn’t it? Download the browser, configure the private network, and enjoy – you can buy any product and get any information you want. Don’t be afraid to become outlawed – the information you have browsed through is not available to anyone else. Nowadays, it’s easy to download dark web and learn anything you want right from your mobile device. On our website, you can find out the right way to configure VPN to further connect to the dark web and conceal your location from the provider.

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