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8 VPN Myths that You Should Forget

Nowadays, the use of a virtual private network, namely, VPN, is very popular, and most likely you have heard of it. However, the use of a VPN is surrounded by a huge number of myths. Why? Let’s figure it out.

Below are some common misconceptions about VPNs

Uncertainty arises from the lack of education on the issue of confidentiality and personal safety. A person can feel safe even in an unsafe place, but without certain risk factors, he will think of preventing them. This is a matter of ordinary psychology.

8 VPN Myths that You Should Forget! Zorro VPN first ios VPN app
8 VPN Myths that You Should Forget! Zorro VPN first ios VPN app

Here are well-known myths

Only paranoid people use VPN?

If you live in a country that doesn’t have strict censorship laws, you might think you don’t need a VPN. However, you are wrong.

We must also mention geo-blocks that prevent you from enjoying movies, television, or any other type of media when you are outside a specific geographic region.

We often connect to public hotspots at airports or cafes. The truth is, we can never be sure that the network is legitimate and not operated by hackers.

The second myth

You’re not doing anything illegal, so you don’t need a VPN?

It would be naive to believe that no one is using a VPN for illegal activities. However, as this VPN usage report shows, its functionality goes far beyond downloading copyrighted material or engaging in some questionable business. Online anonymity is helpful to work and surf the web safely at home.

Some people think that VPNs themselves are illegal, which is far from the truth. Countries like China, Russia, Turkey, and Iraq are restricting using VPN because the government insists on controlling citizens’ online activity.
Since a VPN is a tool that actively fights censorship, countries like China don’t like it.

Third myth

You become 100% anonymous when you use VPN

This does not mean that the VPN providers are lying to you. But a VPN does a lot to make your online identity as unrecognizable as possible, and it flawlessly protects you from tracking, data theft, targeted ads, or malware. VPNs are incredible privacy-protection tools, but it is extremely difficult to achieve complete anonymity on the web, whether you use a VPN or not.

Myth number four

VPN slows down your internet connection

VPN users most often experience this problem when they are connected to servers, which are located on the other side of the world. The closer the servers are, the better the connection becomes. If you don’t want to access geo-blocked content, I recommend that you always select nearby cities or neighboring countries. Zorro VPN can even improve your connection speed.

Myth number five

VPN protects me from everything online

VPN is powerful solution security of your data. However, VPN will not be able to protect you if you transfer your personal data to scammers yourself. Although Zorro VPN has features that protect you from phishing attempts by hiding suspicious links, you should still pay attention to what you click on. That is why it is so important to be careful about what you do.

Myth number six

Only paid VPNs help

VPN is a sophisticated privacy protection tool that requires resources to make it as functional and secure as possible. Some VPNs are exclusively paid, but Zorro VPN gives you the opportunity to make sure that even with the free version, you can protect yourself. But you won’t get some of the benefits that the paid version of the app has.

Myth number seven

I can use Tor and proxy instead of VPN

Tor networks and proxies are often referred to in the same context as VPNs. At first glance, they appear to be interchangeable, but they function in different ways and should not be categorically considered synonymous.

Proxy servers only hide your IP address and don’t encrypt your data, so their functionality is limited. Free proxy servers are incredibly insecure as they often don’t know who they belong to. Also, as mentioned above, the rule of not trusting a free VPN also applies here.

Tor provides its users with some degree of anonymity, but the average Internet user doesn’t get many benefits from this service. Mainly due to the extremely slow internet connection.

Another huge disadvantage of Tor is the fact that governments and other agencies can see you are using it and subsequently become suspicious of your online activity.

And the last myth, the most important one

They say that all VPNs are the same

The main function of a VPN is the ability to hide your IP address and make your browsing private. This is a key selling point, and as such, most VPNs seem to do the same. But Zorro VPN has a higher degree of exclusivity compared to most VPNs.

Zorro VPN has the widest range of servers available on the mass market. It is connected to the Wi-Fi Map app, so it shows all the nearest open Wi-Fi points, while at the same time reliably protecting your personal data from those who might try to steal it through the public Wi-Fi. Zorro VPN also has an ad and malware blocking feature, which is also a very rare feature. Zorro VPN does not slow down your Internet connection but rather speeds up your Internet. And yet Zorro VPN is incredibly easy to use.
A good choice, isn’t it?

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