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The strange but interesting world of cyber espionage

Theft of personal data, theft of financial data, and, as a result, the ruined reputation of companies. Cyber ​​espionage can cause serious problems for any modern business. Corporate espionage has always been a big threat. New threats require innovative solutions. Who benefits from espionage and what can you do right now to protect your business?

The strange but interesting world of cyber espionage
The strange but interesting world of cyber espionage

What is cyber espionage?

It is not just governments spying on one another. Corporate espionage, namely, the theft of certain company secrets, is becoming more sophisticated and effective.

Hacking is developing rapidly. Nowadays, there are a lot of businesses online. Confidential information is stored in secure databases and in private cloud storage. These innovations have many advantages. Although they are far from guaranteed protection.

There are two main goals for cyberspies – corporations and governments. But this doesn`t mean that crime of this type is safe for ordinary people.

Forms of corporate cyber espionage

Malicious programs and viruses

An attacker could use malware to identify weaknesses in the user’s system. Moreover, to track the activity on the device and track user passwords. The victim of the crime most often doesn`t realize that his device is hacked.

Attack on insecure devices

Due to the increased remote employees using insecure Wi-Fi access points outside the office. It is not difficult for an attacker to break into the connection.

Password cracking

Hacking passwords is easier than many internet users think. Most people choose simple passwords that can be cracked in just a few seconds. Strong passwords are of utmost importance.

Direct hacking

Hackers can also directly attack databases. Moreover, cloud storage, and internal systems. This risk becomes more serious when a business slowly updates its software. Organizations forget to download the latest security updates for their operating systems, they remain vulnerable to cybercrime.

How to prevent cyber espionage

With the growth of cyber espionage strategies, companies still have powerful ways to protect their data.
The most effective way besides the above is to make sure that employees use a good VPN.
This service encrypts the browsing data of the connected device. It greatly interferes with access to the system. Using Zorro VPN guarantees that you will gain time and significantly complicate the life of hackers.

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