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Privacy can seem like a luxury while using the internet. When so many websites collect personal data, knowing how to safely navigate the web while staying anonymous can seem like an impossible task. Using a virtual private network (VPN) can help you create a private network that can successfully protect you from external surveillance.

How Private Is My Online Activity Now?

If you are using the internet minus VPN unprotected public WI-Fi, your online activity can be tracked. Even commonly used sites can monitor and sell your data. Although your data may seem harmless, advertising companies can use it to tailor their content directly to you. In an unethical Facebook study, the site was able to manipulate almost 700,000 users to see if their emotions were impacted. By using online content and data, they were able to actually change and monitor the way users felt. Although online privacy may seem trivial, it can greatly affect any online user.

Without a VPN, online behavior can be easily monitored by many companies. Browsing history, social media responses and streaming shows are all examples of content that can be overseen.

Why Use A VPN?

VPNs can be legally used by anyone. They are especially helpful when using a public wi-fi network. Even networks that are protected by a password can be easily hacked. Public coffee shops do not protect you from others using the same network if you do not have a VPN.

Traveling without a VPN is never a good idea. Foreign countries can block services depending on local regulations. To successfully use paid streaming services, having a VPN can help you watch minus being blocked. In addition to online entertainment, some countries block sites that express a level of freedom of speech they may not have. To stay current on global news, having a VPN may decrease the chance of propaganda.

Download VPN Torrent

Torrenting is a way to download data from the internet. By using a peer-to-peer network, individuals can share data with one another. This network allows people to obtain links to the files that can be shared. Because these files are used off the peer-to-peer network, there are many sources for each file. Using a private network allows you to download torrents anonymously.

A VPN torrents service works by having many servers around the world handle multiple connections. By using a VPN, data is transferred through a network of servers maintained by a VPN provider. Online data appears to originate from these global servers rather than your personal computer which creates anonymity. To download a VPN torrent is legal, but by using a virtual private network, you can download without worrying about privacy.

How to Use VPN for Torrent

VPNs are not identical. Depending on what type of private network you choose, some may have what is called a “kill switch” or “network lock”. By connecting a VPN to a country that uses peer-to-peer networks, the connection can be easily established. From here, all you need to do is open your torrent client to download files.

Using a VPN for torrenting is not difficult. Zorro offers top security while providing strong encryption. By creating an encrypted tunnel, browsing activity is anonymous and private. By downloading torrents and sharing through peer-to-peer networks, there is no infraction of the law in countries where using torrents may be forbidden. Zorro’s VPN servers are based in the Netherlands, Ukraine, Russia and Sweden. Your IP address can be changed at any time through IP address switching and VPN chains.

Torrenting With A VPN

Downloading torrents is best done with a virtual private network. While downloading torrents in and of itself is perfectly legal, unsanctioned, copyrighted material is illegal when downloaded for free. It’s not always easy to tell if a movie for download is copyrighted or not. Downloading illegal material by mistake is a common problem when using torrents. To help protect your privacy when downloading torrents, VPNs are used to secure privacy and anonymity on the web.

Without a secure VPN, your internet service provider can oversee a torrent network or client. Some internet service providers will send a warning letter. Others can actually minimize your internet speed for a slower connection. In other cases, you may face legal action and possible jail time depending on the download.

A VPN allows for privacy when downloading torrents online. Many VPNs do not keep an activity log of your internet use and are based in another country where customer records are difficult to find.

Although VPN will help keep your online activity private, malware can still occur from certain torrent sites. To avoid downloading malware by mistake, connect to a country where peer-to-peer sharing is used. Using a network lock may also come in handy to protect your computer against unwanted malware.

What Happens If You Download Torrents Without A VPN?

Although downloading torrents is not technically illegal, their content can be. It is not always easy to tell which torrents are legal and which are not. It is difficult to find data on the prosecution of torrent users, but legal action can be taken against those who break the law. Regardless of whether a user knows the torrent they are downloading is illegal or not, they can be held responsible for illegally downloading copyrighted content.

In the early 2000s, there was a surge of lawsuits filed to those who infringed copyright laws to download content for free. Although we are no longer in the Napster and Limewire days, pirating material is still illegal. Fines for infringing copyright laws can be as high as $100,000. This does not include potential court fees and legal aid.

Conclusion: Why need to use Zorro VPN

Using a virtual private network protects your privacy. By using a system of servers located around the world, your location cannot be easily found. Not only is this beneficial for torrenting, but it also helps keep personal data hidden from potential advertisers. For a safe and secure way to use the internet, investing in the proper private network is crucial.

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