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How can I find out if my email address has been hacked?

Every person knows that nowadays intruders can hack any email. In this article, we are going to give you some tips, for what reason hackers do it, and moreover, what are the ways for preventing it. For instance, they want to gain access to your personal and financial data. What actually are the signs of a hacked email?

How can I find out if my email address has been hacked?
How can I find out if my email address has been hacked?

The Zorro VPN team will tell you the tips for preventing such an incident. You can’t log into your account with your password, you are trying to regain access in standard ways – they don`t help at all. So we can advise that the only way to restore justice, in that case, is by contacting support.

Do some of your contacts complain about spam?

These may include mass mailing of letters that have been sent to everyone on your contact list. Such letters often ask for your personal information or financial data and sometimes it contains malicious links.

Password change confirmations that you didn`t request. Did you receive notifications informing you about any password changes? Did you want to change it? Most services will send confirmation emails to an alternate address as a security measure. In other words, this may be a sign that a hacker is trying to take over your other account.

Check your login activity. Many email services let you see the IP addresses from which your account was accessed. Did you find that someone is logged in with an IP address that does not belong to you? On the other hand, it is a clear sign that you have been hacked.

What to do if your email has been hacked? We will give you some tips to help protect your personal data.
You should change your passwords first.
After that, check your accounts. Have they taken any strange actions without your permission? Contact your bank immediately and inform them of the situation. If you are lucky, your money should return to you in a short period of time.
Most importantly, if the hacking has already occurred, let all your contacts know that you have been hacked because sometimes some of them can automatically block you.
Read more useful tips on how to protect your online workplace.

How can I prevent my email from being hacked again?

Now it is all up to you to never repeat again – it’s time to change all your passwords. Using the same passwords? Some tips for making a strong password are below:
Firstly, don`t use your date of birth or any change in it. This will be one of the first things a hacker will try. Just don’t use birth dates at all.
Secondly, don`t use your name.
Thirdly, don`t use the same password for everything you sign up for – you just make it easy for any potential hackers.
Moreover, do not use the word “Password”!
In conclusion, check password strength, because it is more than necessary if you don`t want to be hacked.

What’s next?

In conclusion, it is all about knowledge and education. Learn about online security – how to protect your personal data from prying eyes.
Use a virtual private network. Zorro VPN will keep your online traffic encrypted, protecting your personal information from anyone with dubious motives. Zorro VPN provides the widest coverage of servers located around the world and in addition, Zorro VPN implements military-grade encryption.

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