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Is my computer hacked?

Hacks of users’ personal computers have existed for a long time. Maybe, since the very first commercial computer appeared. You will not believe it, but at the initial stages, the aforementioned computer hacks were completely simple and harmless practical jokes. Over time, hackers changed their strategy and their goals changed due to the use of more sophisticated technologies that could potentially cause tremendous harm to your device and your personal data. Сomplex organizations make dozens of hacker attacks on large organizations to steal confidential user data, all over the world. Including financial data, which are for the violating of their owner.

Is my computer hacked?
Is my computer hacked?

So, how do you know when your device was hacked?

There are many ways to find out the hacking of your device. The Zorro VPN team will help you understand.

The first in the list we want to indicate frequently occurring advertising windows when visiting certain sites.

The change of online passwords.
When you find out that one of your network passwords has suddenly changed, you may have been the victim of a phishing email. Hackers send specific emails pretending to be banks, large corporations, or anyone you can trust, and in the message, they write a request from users to change their passwords by clicking on the link in the email. As a result, he hacker receives your personal information. Moreover, the hacker changes your password to block you from your account.

Does your antivirus shut down suddenly? Most importantly, no matter what action you take, it doesn’t turn on again? There are many types of malware that can contribute to this situation. This is a sure sign that your system has been hacked. You should be on your guard.

Reset your passwords if you suddenly find that your personal or work computer has been hacked.

Run a full anti-virus scan of your system. Although this doesn`t guarantee that complex virus programs will be canceled, sometimes it can work fine with simple viruses.

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