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The US government track your online information

It is generally accepted that the United States itself is a symbol of freedom and human rights, while the government believes the opposite.

Recently, more and more often there are cases when the authorities insist on monitoring what is happening on the network and the actions of users.

The US government track you online information
The US government track you online information

US politicians have recently updated and significantly increased certain government oversight laws. That would allow them to exercise unauthorized control over anyone in the country.

The law, called the Patriot Act, gave the government unprecedented powers to monitor after the events of September 11th. Some supporters of this law have suggested that this is a temporary measure. However, after two decades, these laws are still in force.

Monitoring without any warrant: the new PATRIOT law will expand the supervision of the FBI, giving it the right to control the user’s browser history.

The law gives government agencies wide powers to listen to telephone conversations, online surveillance and other privacy breaches.

In general, this law is one of the most serious threats to the right of American citizens to privacy.

How to protect your privacy and security?

This problem is much more global than the usual protection of the privacy of Internet users.

Government cybersecurity is extremely precarious at the moment. Even if for one reason or another you trust the government with complete control over your every move. There is no guarantee that it will prevent your data from falling into undesirable hands.

Here are some things you can do to protect your privacy and security.

The first and most important thing you can do in this situation is to use a proven and reliable VPN. Most of the online surveillance data come from your Internet provider.

You can protect your data from being monitored by your Internet service provider by protecting your traffic with the Zorro VPN.

Also, be sure to increase your awareness of the aforementioned laws and how your identity may be stolen. In our blog, you can find a huge number of useful and informative articles. Our blog also contains a wealth of carefully selected information on how to improve your online privacy and security practices. Stay with Zorro VPN and be sure of your Internet security.

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