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Pornhub and other sites banned in Russia

Why Russia bunned a huge number for web sites? Like PornHub, Wikipedia, Reddit, and others. Let’s understand the situation.

This article not only about PornHub.

PornHub and other sites banned in Russia.
PornHub and other sites banned in Russia.

Russia controls all available on the Internet information. Added sites to the Unified Register of Prohibited Information, namely “illegal pornography”, at their discretion.

How to open restricted content?

Prohibitions on any content on the Internet don`t shock any users in the modern world. At list 100 adult content websites blocked from February.

Blocking any websites has only recently been intensified. There is already a fairly long list, including some Wikipedia pages. Also, a lot of music resources are blocked, but we have an easy to follow guide on how to unblock music sites.

Sites that contain Russian memes about politics, sites with bitcoins, emoticons with even the most harmless mention of homosexuality.

Sites with specific lingerie, informative (and not only) literature about sex, and much more.

We won`t judge about the reasons for such bans. We will only give you information on how you can easily use your favorite content again and how can you get the complete freedom of action.

Reddit and Wikipedia were banned for up to 24 hours.

This happened after the “abusive information”. Threats to block Facebook, Twitter, Google in Russia are common.

How do you get access to blocked sites?

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