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Teaching kids about Internet Privacy and Security

A Brief Guide to Teaching Children about Anonymity and Privacy

Cases of identity thefts have drawn the attention of the public to the risks of Internet users. Nowadays, information about you that is on the Internet can be used to damage your reputation. Moreover, even to disclose your personal and financial data. These are always illegal purposes. Therefore, it is always better to be absolutely careful.

Teaching kids about Internet Privacy and Security
Teaching kids about Internet Privacy and Security

Today, children start using the Internet at a very young age. Sometimes their actions can lead to serious consequences. Anyway, they lack knowledge of online privacy and security. Parents and educators can take responsibility for teaching children these issues.

1. Some basic rules

Regardless of whether your child is a teenager or a child in primary school, you should tell him some basic recommendations. For example, there are threats of hacker attacks and identity theft.

2. Invite your child to consult with you as a more experienced Internet user.

If you are a truly advanced Internet user.
Tell what personal information is. Warn your child about the risks that arise if you share some personal data with any untrusted website or another person on the Internet.

3. Making a strong password with the child

 Nowadays, children are already able to independently create a variety of accounts on the Internet. Email sites alert users about strong passwords. Advise your child on which passwords to choose. Tell them that a password can be a combination, and ask them to never tell their passwords to anyone, not even you. Because of your actions, the child will understand that he should not give passwords from his accounts to absolutely anyone. This will help him in adulthood.

4. Explain to them the dangers of free public Wi-Fi and tell what VPN is

Children love free Wi-Fi. Cafés, shops, and even school canteens can have unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Tell them that using public Wi-Fi can significantly increase the risk of hacking their social networks. For maximum protection, you can install a reliable VPN on the device together. For example, Zorro VPN. Zorro VPN fully guarantees the security of your children’s personal data.

And which of all the above can be concluded? As a result, everyone recognizes the dangers associated with browsing the Internet, even children have heard about them. Being parents, you must be able to figure out which sites you can trust and which ones you cannot. Anyway, this is in order to help your child in matters of personal safety if necessary. In addition to the methods described above, don’t blame the child for the lack of knowledge, but always encourage your child to discuss such issues with you.

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