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Everything about Cyberstalking. Zorro VPN firs iOS app

A modern person spends most of his life online for various reasons, so scammers do not disdain to use their skills on the Internet. Where you are so vulnerable. Your hobbies, the places you visit periodically. The events you participate in, and undoubtedly your workplace here is how to work online safely, as well as email and even your phone number, can be found with the help of a little hacker effort.

Everything about Cyberstalking. Zorro VPN firs iOS app
Everything about Cyberstalking. Zorro VPN firs iOS app

Today, cyberstalking is a fairly common phenomenon – 40% of the people we surveyed report. They often experience some kind of harassment on the Internet, including harassment. Most of the goals, unfortunately, are women. But this does not mean that men are less at risk. The Zorro VPN team will help you recognize attempts to steal your personal data and what to do when you notice something like that.

What is cyber harassment?

To begin with, we will explain to you this concept as a definition. In the modern world. Persecution is understood as undesirable obsessive attention to a certain person. An invasion of his personal boundaries and the like incorrect actions that can even entail criminal liability. What do cybercriminals use to harass their victims? Usually, it can include surveillance, covert surveillance, persistent manipulative phone calls and messages, including the content of blackmail, as well as many other methods.

So, how to protect yourself from hackers, Internet threats and theft of your personal data? No matter how scary cyber-clashing, fortunately, there are many ways to protect your privacy on the Internet.

Check the privacy settings on the sites where you registered your profile, for example, on social networks, because most often here cyberstalkers like to spy on their victims. Adjust your settings so that only people in your friend’s list can see your photos, updates, and personal information.

Facebook events are great for planning what you need, but nonetheless they can be the worst option in terms of protecting your privacy. When they appear in the tape. They can show your stalker where and when to find you, and indicate your interests.

Set strong and unique passwords for your online accounts and do not share them with anyone. Do not send personal emails or share confidential information when connecting to insecure public Wi-Fi. Or you can use a VPN service such as VPN Zorro, which will securely encrypt your online activity and protect your personal data from theft.

Check how much information about you can be found on the Internet, or, in other words, check Googleability.

Do not open suspicious messages or click on unknown links or files. They may contain malware that can infect your devices. Using antivirus is also a good step to protect against digital threats.

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