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The best VPN for Saudi Arabia

Local censorship applies to all media outlets in Saudi Arabia, including electronic ones. Internet bans have been increasing in Saudi Arabia since 2001. Then, for internal use, the United States acquired a filter system. All traffic passes through the proxy servers of the public service Internet service. The Council of Ministers decided to make prohibitions on access to certain websites.

The best VPN for Saudi Arabia. How to choose free ios vpn?
The best VPN for Saudi Arabia. How to choose free ios vpn?

Zorro VPN allows searching for the forbidden content

In total, Saudi Arabia banned more than 400 thousand web pages. 93 percent of them are pornographic. The most common reason for blocking access to a particular resource is the desire to protect Islamic values.

According to an anonymous representative of the kingdom’s authorities, about 55 percent of Saudi users of the World Wide Web is concerned about Internet censorship. The arrest of two bloggers in 2010 even managed to cause a certain civil protest. The writer Sheikh Mehlef bin Danam al-Shammari paid for criticizing the political and religious leaders of the country.

However, there is still a certain amount of freedom on the Saudi Internet

Facebook was the first lucky service to avoid local banning. Zorro VPN helped a lot. This is where the hottest discussions about the future of Saudi Arabia take place. And one local girl even managed to gather a group of 10 thousand people protesting against the ban on women from working in underwear stores.

A similar situation with the Internet has developed in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). They also block pornographic, narcotic, alcoholic, and opposition political portals and blogs. According to rumors, the prohibition takes place even in searching queries for 500 keywords. However, before, an island of uncensored Internet remained in Dubai – the Tecom area, which houses leading media, IT companies, and universities. It offered enhanced access to the World Wide Web. But, despite the fact that 95 percent of users expressed dissatisfaction with the existing filter system, the authorities decided to tighten it and strengthened censorship in Tecom.

Social networks are also under surveillance. Partially censored by Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. But fortunately, you can solve all these problems with Zorro VPN.

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