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Fastest VPN – Zorro VPN

VPNs are known to slow down your connection speed.

For some VPN services, the slowdown of your Internet is so strong that streaming video or other simple online activities, such as browsing the web, becomes almost impossible.

What makes a VPN slow down your internet

There is no one specific reason that may be associated with a decrease in the speed of your Internet. In truth, this is a combination of factors.

The location of the server you are connecting to, the load on the server and the quality of the server itself, the type of encryption that uses the VPN. VPN routing algorithms – all this plays a role in reducing the speed of downloading or loading and creating the Internet is very slow.

Zorro VPN always strives for excellence. So, when it came to creating the fastest VPN, we knew that we had to consider all the reasons that could lead to a decrease in speed. And that is exactly what we did.

When developing our application, we took care to enable the fastest available VPN protocols – L2TP and IKEV2. Depending on your type of activity, Zorro VPN automatically determines the best one for you.

Lightning-fast streaming and torrent servers

Streaming and torrenting are the two main ways to use a VPN. No one wants to wait up to 30 minutes to download a video.

So, we have allocated special resources to create the fastest streaming and torrent servers.

That’s why we are the first VPN service to offer servers optimized specifically for streaming platforms such as: Netflix, Hbo Now, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Crunchyroll, BBC iPlayer, Eurosport, Spotify and many others.

Fast Zorro VPN is optimized for iOS and iPad devices.

Zorro VPN will always provide the same high speed Internet access that you are looking for.

In addition, one Zorro VPN subscription is enough to ensure the confidentiality of your data on several devices at the same time.